§18d AufenthG - Researchers 


The residence permit according to §18d AufenthG entitles the holder to only undertake research activities at the research institution specified in the hosting agreement and to engage in teaching activities.

Doctoral candidates can obtain a residence permit for the purpose of research only if the research primarily serves a research project, e.g. if the dissertation is carried out as part of an employment contract.

Main requirements:

  • University degree (recognized in Germany)
  • Work contract and/or hosting agreement
  • Sufficient financial means (including health insurance)
  • Sufficient housing

Disclaimer of the Foreigners' Registration Office Potsdam

The information on this website is merely intended as a guideline. There is no guarantee for the completeness and correctness concerning the information provided on this website. The completeness of the stated documents does not mean that the residence permit will be issued. Each case must be assessed individually. Therefore, the requested documents may vary.

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